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Poster: Caitlin Olson Date: May 11, 2018 2:21pm
Forum: news Subject: Object Lessons: Recovering Broken Web Links and Resources with

Using external web resources, such as online articles, files, and websites in your online courses is a powerful way to include provide a world of information and resources to your students at minimal cost. External web resources, however, come with certain user-experience risks, namely that sometimes web resources are removed or relocated, resulting in broken web links and a lack of required materials for students.

Sometimes it is easy to find the location and URL (web address) of a replacement resource if the resource has merely been relocated instead of removed from the internet entirely. Other times, however, externally hosted articles or files may be removed from the internet entirely with no obvious replacement resource or web location. For instructional designers who are responsible for the maintenance of online courses, this presents a practical problem keeping online courses up to date and functional as external web resources are removed or relocated over time.

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